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November 6, 2011
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Dean couldn't handle it anymore, the weight on his shoulders. He told Sammy he was going out for a bit, and he was. Dean drove his beautiful baby, the Impala, to literally the middle of no where. The road was surrounded by wheat fields. Dean pulled the car over and quickly cut the engine. He opened the car door with a creak and slammed it shut. Dean walked slowly over to the center of the wheat field and did something he never thought he would. Dean cried. He cried over everything. He cried over knowing he was the Michaels Sword. He cried over Sammy, failing to keep him away from being a monster. He cried over losing his parents, feeling it was all his fault. But mostly he cried about Castiel. Dean was stupid enough to fall in love with a damn angel. An angel that doesn't have feelings for humans. An angel that would never love him.

The tears came and Dean couldn't stop them. His breath started coming in sharp gasps and he probably looked like shit, eyes puffy red and tears streaking his face. The quiet wind rustled the wheat but he heard another sound also, the fluttering of wings. Suddenly he was wrapped in a warm embrace and the voice of an angel soothing Dean. Cas. He was pulled against the angels chest while his arms draped around Dean's.

"Cas, please I d-don't want you to see me like t-this, just go." Dean choked out, looking down in shame. In response Castiel kissed the top of Dean's head and tightened his grip around the frail human.

"I have not seen you like this before. I will not leave you." Cas said in the familiar husky voice Dean knew all too well. Never before had Cas denied Dean, so in a way he knew arguing for him to leave was a lost cause. Castiel wasn't going to be fluttering away anytime soon.

Dean and Castiel sat in the wheat fields for hours. Dean eventually stopped crying and his breathing calmed along with the puffiness of his eyes. The sound of the wheat swooshing in the wind lulled Dean to sleep. He mumbled Castiel's name in his sleep and one time he turned and wrapped his arms around Cas, pulling him tight against Dean. It surprised Cas really, Dean never seemed like that.

Eventually Dean stirred from his sleep and rubbed his eyes of sleep. Cas moved the half sleeping man off of him and stood up. Dean seemed better now, so Castiel wanted to abide his wish

"I will leave, as you wished." Castiel said, nodding at Dean. But something in Dean's eyes stopped him when he looked down at the almost fragile looking man. He looked only a boy, broken and beaten inside. Cas sat back down next to Dean, and immediately Dean was suggling back into Castiel's arms. The angel knew there was something nagging at Dean, for he had never acted this way before.

"Dean, what is the matter?" the angel asked with an innocent look on his face and head cocked to the side. Dean looked up at the angel, into his eyes and sighed.

"Cas... Do you know what love is?" Dean asked, not willing to come out and say he loved Cas, in fear of many things.

"I have an understanding, yes." After watching humans for years the angel did know much about some feelings, others not so much. "Why, do you feel that way for someone?" Castiel asked. He felt a feeling in the pit of his stomach that no angel should. Castiel knew he felt envious.

"Yes..." Dean said looking down at the ground. "And it's an angel." Dean confessed looking up at Cas, hoping to see something in his eyes. But Cas' facial expression stayed the same.

"With Anna?" Cas asked, confused still about Dean's human emotions.

"No, Cas, with you!" Dean blurted out before he realized what he was saying. Dean's went wide and his face turned crimson at his own words. He refused to look the angel in the eye, immediately becoming interested with the wheat around him.

Cas didn't really know how to respond. He sat for minutes, thinking about what to say.

"I believe, Dean, I feel the same way." He eventually understood what all these feeling inside of him were. When he saw Dean with some other pretty girl, he felt envious. When he saw Dean with his brother, he felt jealous he wasn't doing the same. When he was away from him, he felt empty when he saw Dean, he felt love.

Dean finally mustered up the guts to looked Cas in the eyes. The intense stare of the angel made Dean feel lost in the ocean concealed in his eyes. Castiel realized that Dean's eyes had a spec of hope that he had not seen in so long, and it made him feel happy for him. Dean had finally filled the gap in his soul.

Dean did something neither of them expected. He got up to his knees so he was near level height with the angel. Dean gently placed his hand on the angels face. Cas closed his eyes, breathing in deeply and leaning into Dean's touch. Dean leaned in and placed his lips softly against Castiel's. The angels eyes went wide at first, realizing what was happening, almost scared. But after a few seconds of waiting for the feeling of nothing like he always felt, he actually felt something there and knew this was right. His eyes slowly closed and he slinked his arms around Dean's neck. He tilted his head to make the kiss deeper. Dean wrapped his arms around the smaller mans waist and pulled him closer, so close there bodies were touching. Dean licked the angel's bottom lip, and he shivered at the touch. They explored each others mouths, tongues dancing.

Dean pulled back slowly, resting his forehead against Cas', there noses barely touching. Then the angel did something he had never done for anyone, not human nor angel. He slacked his invisible wings out. Dean's hand brushed against a feather causing Cas to shiver against the touch. To Dean it felt like silk, so smooth like it was water, yet it had a form. His eyes went wide and Cas' blushed at his intense stare.

"Are... those..." Dean started awestruck.

"My wings..." Cas finished looking down in embarrassment. Dean carefully reached out, trying to find his wing, unable to see it. When Dean's fingers touched Cas' wing again he carefully stroked the feathers, afraid his wing would snap under his touch. A tremor went through the angels body and he whimpered at the touch. He wings fell open almost against his will, extending at their fullest length and flattening the wheat. Dean could see the shadow of his wings and where they pushed the wheat down. He audibly gasped, even if he was not fully able to see the wings. Again Cas looked down more embarrassed then before, and this time Dean noticed.

"Why are you so embarrassed, people have seen your wings before." Dean said

"Actually... No one has. Not even when they are like this." Cas whispered unable to look Dean in the eye. Dean felt... He couldn't describe what he felt that this angel trusted him that much. Cas obviously felt his mood change and dared look up.

"Even now... I can't see really see them and they are beautiful... Breathtaking" Dean whispered. Dean moved so he was behind the angel, who did not move at all. Dean gently placed a hand on the top of the wing, as he was able to tell by the shadow. Again a tremor shot through Castiel and Dean was almost hesitant. Yet he moved his hand to stroke his wing. Cas moaned, clearly pleased. Never before had the angel felt such pleasure. He felt so safe around Dean, and the way Dean treated him now clearly proved that.

Dean moved back around so he was sitting in front of the angel, keeping his hand on the angels wing the whole time. Cas' eyes were closed, his head facing toward the sky. Dean sat down in front of Cas and cuddled up against his warm figure.

Dean was shocked by the sudden darkness that engulfed him. His eyes went wide when he realized that the darkness was from Cas'. He had wrapped himself and Dean in his wings. Dean stared awestruck at Castiel. Never before had he seemed so beautiful. The angel smiled widely, placing a small kiss upon Dean's lips.

"They're just so... Beautiful" Dean said awestruck. Castiel didn't say anything, he just pulled the frail human tighter to his body as he stared mesmerized. Finally when he broke out of his trance he looked up to Cas, who stared back into his eyes, his soul.

"I love you..." Cas' whispered, almost inaudible.

"I love you also... My angel." Dean said, pulling the angel in for another kiss, under the comfort of his wings.

The Ultimate Trust - Destialby HeartTommyJoeRatliff

Literature / Fan Fiction / Romance©2011-2014 HeartTommyJoeRatliff
Again it sucks bad dick BUT I FUCKIN UPDATED and I only had like a half and hour to write it :/
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LightsOnLuna Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I like that "No, Cas, with you!" part and I could totally picture Dean getting annoyed and kind of snapping that and then being totally adorably apologetic for shouting. 
UndeadSoulEater Featured By Owner May 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
This....was so adorable...I cried a bit. It was not bad at all.
Pairing-SPN Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2011
aWWW THATS SO CUTE! I love this. Destiel ftw :aww:
HeartTommyJoeRatliff Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks though it's not my best work :/ Anyways thanks Destiel is my OTP
Pairing-SPN Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2011
Haha, its still pretty good. I'd like to see what you consider your best work then :) And I don't really have a otp, I sorta ship everything! But destiel is my fav shipping pair :heart:
HeartTommyJoeRatliff Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Well one of my decent works is... Meh well it's short but I like it [link] this is pretty decent too [link]
Bobbin-Coldes Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2011
not going to lie I only found you because of you icon and the I read this and I love it. I really like the way you used a wheat filed, it on some way make it feel wormier.
HeartTommyJoeRatliff Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Awww thank you. I like it too but it's not my best work :/
Huggable-Rubber Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
OHHOHOH. It don't suck. It be legend. And stuff.
Well, I liked it. <3
HeartTommyJoeRatliff Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Compared to some writings I've done, it sucks.
Awww but thanks anyways sweetie, glad someone is reading them. Seems like no one is nowadays
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